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The Two Literary Journals That Are Shaping Cultural Tastes: Review Of Phenomenal Literature And Verbal Art By Dr Sunil Sharma

You can call it the New Journalism of aesthetics.

With the opening up of cyberspace and increasing penetration by a professional, English-educated middle-class in the post-1990s India, its bold aspirations for a better and more equitable world are being handled by a more assertive social media. With FB and Twitter, among other notables, the vision and dream of this substantial class are getting articulated in a big way. With Instagram and other tools like YouTube and WhatsApp, the youth are finding avenues for self-expression in every realm of social living in a society undergoing rapid transformations and


Literature For Literature Through Literature - Review Of India’s Two Literary Journals, ‘Phenomenal Literature’ & ‘VerbalArt’ By Dr Avdhesh S. Jha

The literary journals, ‘VerbalArt’ and ‘Phenomenal Literature’ are the successful endeavours of team of editors comprised of Dr. Vivekanand Jha, Dr. Rajnish Mishra and Dr Chandra Shekhar Dubey, and published by AuthorsPress, New Delhi, India. In this century of technology where mobile users have developed their own ecofrelang - the language which is free of grammar, spelling mistakes as well easy to write as we speak; these two literary arts put up their effort to spearhead the movement for development of language and literature.  VerbalArt is all about poetry and it is dedicated to reach a worldwide audience