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About Phenomenal Literature

Phenomenal Literature: A Global Journal Devoted to Language and Literature

Phenomenal Literature is a Peer-Reviewed Bi-annual Print journal devoted to language, literature and creative writings. It is a publication of Authorspress, New Delhi, India.

We welcome and publish extracts of novels, poetry, short stories, drama, plays, translations, book reviews, interviews, critical/academic/research articles, essays, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, travelogues and other creative writings in English.

Our primary role and goal is to display a unique spectrum of humanity and social sciences produced by variegated colours, wavelengths and frequencies of language, literature and creative writings in English.

Phenomenal Literature has set a global stage for characterizing dynamic, vibrant and versatile authors and academicians, playing their parts in advancing the plot of literary scenes of sublime thoughts, themes and diction in front of traditional and electronic spectators.