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Vandana Kumari Jena

Vandana Kumari Jena (b. 1955) is an IAS officer by profession and a writer by inclination. Currently she is Principal Adviser, Planning Commission, New Delhi. She has published over 250 middles in leading newspapers. Her short stories have appeared in over fifteen anthologies. Her novel “The Dance of Death,” was published in 2008 by HarAnand Publications. Her four

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Rob Harle

Rob Harle is an artist and writer, especially concerned with the nature of consciousness and high-body technologies. His current work explores the nature of the transition from human to posthuman, a phenomenon he calls the technoMetamorphosis of humanity. He has academic training in philosophy of mind, comparative religious studies, art and psychotherapy. Rob is an active member of

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Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma is India-born, suburban-Mumbai-based story-teller, poet, critic, freelance journalist, literary editor, reviewer, interviewer and essayist. He is a college principal. His debut novel, The Minotaur, is inching towards critical acclaim, and, short fiction and poetry are featured in many prestigious international and national print and online journals. He also edits NFJ (New Fiction Journal) and is on

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Asoke Chakravarty

Asoke Chakravarty (b. 1939), BOIMELA-UTSAV Award winner, is a poet, writer, artist, playwright, musician and humanist. His written work appears in 14 publications and has been translated to Spanish, French, German, Turkish and other languages. He contributes to over 50 leading International magazines and anthologies and has exhibited at 19 solo art shows across 3 continents. He is

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Lalita Noronha

Lalita Noronha is the recipient of a Fulbright travel grant to America and she earned her Ph.D. in Microbiology from St. Louis University School of Medicine. She is a widely published research scientist, poet, and fiction writer. Author of an award winning short story collection, “Where Monsoons Cry,”  she has twice won the Maryland Literary Short Story Award,

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Avdhesh S. Jha

Dr. Avdhesh S. Jha an author, poet, teacher and observer is a strong critic with an inclination towards societal development. Presently he works with EDI of India. With ten doctoral scholars, being awarded the doctorate degree, the guide and mentor to Ph.D. aspirants, has presented several papers on different topics at national and international seminars. With multi-language understanding

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