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Eva Bell

Dr. Eva Bell is a gynaecologist. She is also a freelance writer. Her short stories and articles have been published in magazines, newspapers, on the Net and in anthologies.

Published novels are Silver Amulet, When Shadows Flee, Halo of Deceit, and Runaway Widow.

Non-Fiction : Grace Abounding,  Womanism- The adventure of being a woman.

Children’s books: Lost on the Beach, Sniffer Dog and other stories.

E-books: Cactus Hill, Storm in the Desert, Runaway widow, Womanism, Survival Strategies in an angry world.

:  214@yahoo.com
:  http://.evabell.net
:  http://muddyloafers.blogspot.com
:  080-23682421
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Issue: Vol 1 Issue 1
Publication Year: 2014