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Geetashree Chatterjee

A graduate from Delhi University and holdingvarious Diplomas.I have completed more than twenty five years in Petroleum & Natural Gas Sector and de-stress through writing, reading and music. My poems and short stories have been published in e-journals like Muse-India, Write Space and Induswomanwriting.com.My book reviews have been published in e-magazines (Tamarind Rice) as well as in print magazines (Delhi Times). My poems have been published in anthologies, namely, “The Dance Of The Peacock” and “Suvarnrekha” edited by Dr. Vivekananda Jha and Dr. NandiniSahu, respectively. I am an avid blogger and you can find me in:



:  gcanonymous23@gmail.com
:  http://panaecea.wordpress.com
:  http://vanderloost.blogspot.in
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Issue: Vol 1 Issue 1
Publication Year: 2014